Paralympics Ireland Stage Highly Successful European General Assembly

After a wonderfully informative and lively Conference at the Crowne Hotel-Northwood in Dublin on Friday (4th October), the European Paralympic Committee (EPC) ended their time as the guests of Paralympics Ireland with the important General Assembly on Saturday (5 October).

In the absence of the outgoing Secretary General Luca Pancelli from Italy, Paralympics Ireland CEO Liam Harbison was appointed to chair the meeting.

Just as was the case on Friday, there was a robust and lengthy discussion on a range of topics including the report of EPC President John Petersson, EPC accounts and a range of motions.

In particular, there was a keen debate on the concerns of many European nations on the recent production of the Rio 2016 Athletics Event Programme, which is affecting many nations and athletes greatly.

Evgeny Bukharov gave a detailed progress report on behalf of the Organising Committee of the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games.

Constitutional Motions carried by the members included the removal of the positions of Secretary General in favour of a new vice-president and the removal of the Technical Officer in favour of a further member at large position.

There were a number of key elections with three members of the executive board stepping down: Secretary General Luca Pancelli (Italy), Athletes’ Representative Marketa Sidkova and Lithuanian NPC President Vytautas Kvietkauskas.

EPC President, John Petersson (Denmark) was re-elected unopposed, as were Vice-President, Ratko Kovacic (Croatia) and Treasurer, Craig Corscadden (GBR).

There were six candidates for the five positions of member at large. Following a ballot, the five individuals elected to the executive board were: Petra Huber (Austria), Samuel Rosko (Slovakia), Mikhail Terentiev (RUS), Denis Jaekan (BEL) and Geoff Smedley (INAS).

In his closing remarks, EPC President, John Petersson thanked Paralympics Ireland for the great job they had done in hosting the General Assembly and Conference, giving the event his seal of approval by declaring it the “best ever”.


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