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Hi Guys

Happy New year to you all!

It’s hard to believe that 2012 is finally upon us. After all the talk of 2012 throughout 2011 it’s hard to distinguish the two now 2012 is finally here.

December was again busy as ever. I travelled out to Grand Canaria with the athletics squad for some warm weather training.

The track and gym were about a 20 minute push away which was ideal. The minute people hear the Canaries they think holiday but we were well away from the tourist hot spots in a small town called Vecindario which was perfect.

I can honestly say it was one of the best camps I have ever been on. There was a great vibe in the camp and it really was a super training environment which was helped by the fantastic weather.

During the camp I learnt the difference between working hard and working really hard. I have never really felt sick after a session but I did a few times in Grand Canaria which is great because I know I am starting to push my limits and as always with these camps you pick up a few little things to work on or do differently which can make all the difference in the long run.

I was really happy coming home as I felt I had ten more valuable training days in the bank. I am confident that if things don’t go well in 2012 it won’t be from lack of hard work or effort. If it wasn’t Christmas I would have stayed out there till March as it was such a productive ten days.

We did manage one day off and all headed to the beach and have dinner in the old town. You always need a day like that at camps to just switch off after training so hard. I lost my bottle and didn’t manage to get myself into the water. I can’t swim and don’t like the sea but we are going back in January and I’m not coming home until I’ve been in the sea.

Back home I’m now into the second phase of my strength and conditioning programme with new exercises and tweaks to the things that are there already. It’s great to see the little differences in my strength, balance and overall ability since I started. It’s a real motivator to keep driving on and seeking more improvement.

Away from training it was nice to have a few days off over Christmas to spend with family and friends and just switch off the clock ticking down to London 2012. I did however manage to get roped into one competition, a local darts tournament for charity. I won the tournament thanks largely to my partner but I’m still convinced it’s a sign of things to come in 2012!

The radio ad I did for Waterford Institute of Technology was also aired in December which was a bit weird but an enjoyable experience too. Suffice to say the slagging will probably never end but I suppose that’s part of it.

Next up, I’m heading out to Vecindario on the 21st of January for another training camp. I am really looking forward to getting back training at the intensity I was in Grand Canaria.

We will be doing a lot of throwing this time around so my coach will be travelling too so it should be an action packed few days. It’s just over 200 days until the opening ceremony in London but for now I’m just focusing on the next session and putting everything I have into that.

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