Boxing: Ireland names strong team for Round Robin Internationals

Dubliner George Bates will face French lightweight Sofiane Oumiha  in the men’s 60kg on the opening day of the weekend’s Round Robin with France, Germany, Italy and Russia at Dublin’s National Stadium on Friday afternoon., according to a provisional timetable issued by IABA.


Oumiha, who is ranked No. 4 in the world by AIBA, claimed silver at the Rio Olympics last August.


Hopefully there will be a sizeable crowd at the South Circular Road venue to see some of Ireland future stars in action over the weekend.


Ireland will use two middleweights in Friday’s early session, with European Elite and World Youth bronze medallists Christina Desmond in against Italy and France. Sparticus’ Tullamore’s Grainne Walsh will also wear the Irish vest with pride at 69kg.


Cork’s own Christina Desmond (Ireland) will meet Assunta Canfora (Italy) at 75kg middleweight in the first session


Sadly neither the Russians nor the Germans are fielding a women’s team though a strong Italian squad will include their champion and Olympian Irma Testa.


Rio Olympian Steven Donnelly meets Russia’s Artem Zaitsev.


Boxing begins at 2.30pm Friday. Admission, payable at the door, is €10 for adults and €5 for children (U/14) each day.


International Elite Round Robin National Stadium Dublin – provisional schedule:


April 28th


Ireland v France (+ Russia and Italy) 2.30pm


49kg Conor Jordan (Ireland) V Tamir Galanov (Russia)

75kg Christina Desmond (Ireland) V Assunta Canfora (Italy)

56kg Stephen McKenna (Ireland) V Jordan Rodriguez (France)

60kg George Bates (Ireland) V Sofiane Oumiha (France)

64kg Wayne Kelly (Ireland) V Wahlid Hambli (France)

69kg Steven Donnelly (Ireland) V Artem Zaitsev (Russia)

75kg Michael Nevin (Ireland) V Bengoro Bamba (France)

81kg Michael Frayne (Ireland) V Diabira Mamadou (France)

91kg Ken Okungbowa (Ireland) V Paul Omba Biongolo (France)

91+kg Dean Gardiner (Ireland) V Djamili Dini Aboudou Moinze (France)


International Elite Round Robin National Stadium Dublin




April 28th


Ireland B v France (2.30pm)


Germany v Italy (5.30pm)


Ireland A v Russia


April 29th


Ireland B v Germany (11am)


Russia v Italy (3pm)


Ireland A v France (7pm)


April 30th (10am)


Ireland A v Germany


Russia v France


Ireland B v Italy




Ireland A




49kg Blaine Dobbins (St Josephs, Derry)


52kg Brendan Irvine (St Pauls)


56kg Kurt Walker (Canal)


60kg Patrick Mongan (Olympic)


64kg Sean McComb (Holy Trinity)


69kg Dean Walsh (St Josephs/St Ibars)


75kg Emmett Brennan (Glasnevin)


81kg Anthony Browne (St Michaels, Dublin)


91kg Darren O’Neill (Paulstown)


91kg+ Martin Keenan (Rathkeale)




51kg Carly McNaul (Ormeau Road)


60kg Kellie Harrington (Glasnevin)


75kg Christina Desmond (Fr Horgan’s)


Ireland B




49kg Connor Jordan (St Aidans)


52kg Thomas McCarthy (Brian Dillons)


56kg Stephen McKenna (Old School)


60kg George Bates (St Marys)


64kg Wayne Kelly (Ballynacargy)


69kg Stephen Donnelly (All Sainst)


75kg Michael Nevin (Portlaoise)


81kg Michael Frayne (St Marys)


91kg Ken Ogunkbowa (Athlone)


91kg+ Dean Gardiner (Clonmel)




51kg —


60kg —


75kg Grainne Walsh (Sparticus)






49kg None


52kg None


56kg Jordan Rodriquez


60kg Sofiane Oumiha


64kg Wahid Hambli


69kg None


75kg Bengoro Bamba


81kg Diabira Mamadou or Leonardo Mosquea Jimenez


91kg Djamili Dini Aboudou Moindze




51kg Houria Djalout


60kg Flora Pili


75kg None




49kg Salah Ibrahim


52kg None


56kg Dominik Hirsch


60kg Artut Bril


60kg Robert Harutyunyan


64kg Arten Harutyunyan


69kg Christian Dezel


75kg Artur Beck


75kg Brian Hellwig


81kg Ibragim Bazuev


91kg Nikolas Weizmann


91kg+ None


Women: None






49kg Serra Fedrico


52kg Cappai Manuel


56kg Di Serio Raffaele


60kg Iozia Francesco (reserve Canonico Giuseppe)


64kg Di Learnia Paolo


69kg Arecchia Vincenzo


75kg Cavallaro Salvatore


81kg Antonaci Fedrico


91kg Fiori Simone


91kg+ Vianello Guido




51kg Mostarda Roberta


60kg Testa Irma


75kg Canfora Assunta






49kg Vassili Egorov


52kg Vadim Kudriakov


56kg Bakhtovar Nazirov


60kg Vladimir Nikitin


60kg Gabil Mamedov


64kg Vitaly Dunaytsev


69kg Sergei Sobylinski


75kg Petr Khamuko


81kg None


91kg Evgeny Tischenko


91kg Ivan Veriasov


Women: None


Russia 2




49kg Tamir Galanov


52kg Viachelslav Tashkarakov


56kg Nazir Balaev


64kg Aital Doakonov


64kg Dmitrii Polianskii


69kg Arten Zaitsev


75kg Dmitrii Nesterov


81kg Georgii Kushitashvili


91kg Ilia Kvasnikov


91kg+ Arten Suslenkov


Women: None


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