Boxing: Kell Brook wants Amir Khan fight, even if there is no title on the line

Kell Brook, who had to pull out of a World title fight against Devon Alexander this month with injury, has said that he is willing to wait even longer if it means he gets to fight fellow Brit Amir Khan.

Khan returned to Britain to face Julio Diaz, winning a unanimous decision last weekend, but it wasn’t without drama. Khan was dropped and hurt during the bout, and although he dominated in spurts, he looked vulnerable. Mayweather faces Guerrero this Saturday and he is 1/16 on to win, click here to bet

There is a huge market for this mega showdown to happen, with the winner possibly facing Floyd Mayweather Jr, after the pound for pound king declared his interest in fighting in the UK.

Brook is so determined to settle the pairs growing dispute, that he is willing to fight Khan, even if there is no title on the line.

He told Ringside Toe 2 Toe podcast: “I heard he looked terrible. He got put down in the fourth round. He didn’t look good in the fight against a blown-up lightweight, who’s getting on a bit, so that will teach him to come to my city and think he can take it over.

“To be honest I want the Amir Khan fight for the fans. I’m getting his fans on me on Twitter and you know my fans want to see it.

“Everyone is saying when are you going to get it on with Amir Khan? I think we should put it to bed and get it on, and we’ll see that I will take him out.”

As Brook was forced out of the World title fight with Alexander, fellow Matchroom sport fighter Lee Purdy has stepped in to take his place, and Brook denies that there is any bad feelings between the pair.

He said: “All the best to Lee Purdy, what can I say? He’s definitely got a puncher’s chance against Devon, but I think he’s a level above Purdy. He’ll dominate the fight, Devon Alexander.”

Despite his persistent foot problem, Brook is expected to return to the ring in July, with an eye on a massive September/October showdown with a marquee name fighter.

“Yeah I’m feeling a lot better, my foot’s not 100 per cent yet, but I’m looking at getting back into the boxing gym,” he said.

“I haven’t been in the gym now for four to six weeks. I’ve got itchy knuckles to get back in there and start hitting the bags again.”


  1. Kelly brook is a bum he only got famus by using amir khans name he aint fought any top oposition he got pounded on by CARSON JONES he pulld out of alexzander fight 3 times he says hes injurd but what a load of bolucks 3 injurys 1 fight the guy shit him self it makes me laph the hype on brook his last fight wos against a guy wos not in the top 50 what anachievemant the guy should retire before he gets injured again


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