National boxing championship results – Wins for Barnes and Conlan but Moylette bows out

Ray Moylette, the 2011 European Elite champion, bowed out of the National Elite Championships at the National Stadium last night. 

The 2008 World Youth Champion was beaten on a split decision by Michael Nevin of the Portlaoise BC following a fiery three rounds in the  light-welter class.
 Paddy Barnes and Hughie Myers, the defending light-fly champion, claimed victories over the lively Blaine Dobbins and Thomas Waites.
World No. 2 ranked Michael Conlan caught the eye of all three judges versus Cork bantamweight Barry Walsh
Lynne McEnery-O’Shea  got proceedings underway with a unanimous decision over Maeve Clarke, followed by victories for Adam Courtney, Sean McComb, Tyrone McCullagh and David Oliver Joyce, who edged out George Bates on a split decision.
The women’s light-welter deciders went the way of Kelly Harrington and Moira McElligott.
Wexford’s Dean Walsh and Waterford’s Rohan Date, served up one of the bouts of the night, as pointed out by MC Al Morris, Walsh advancing on a unanimous decision.
The Elite Championships semi-final finals continue tonight  (7pm).
Three-time World Elite, Youth and Junior medallist Joe Ward will receive a walkover after Sean McGlinchey withdrew with the flu.

2014 Elite National Championships National Stadium Dublin February 28th S/Finals (7pm)


W48kg Lynne McEnery-O’Shea (St Pauls) beat Maeve Clarke (Ballinacarrow) 3-0

49kg Hughie Myers (Ryston) beat Thomas Waites (Cairn Lodge) 3-0

49kg Paddy Barnes  (Holy Family) beat Blaine Dobbins ( St Josephs, Derry) 3-0

52kg Adam Courtney (St Marys) beat Sean Higginson (St John Bosco) 3-0

52kg Chris Phelan (Ryston, Defence Forces) W/O

56kg Michael Conlan (St John Bosco) beat  Barry Walsh (St Colmans) 3-0

56kg Tyrone McCullough (Holy Family) beat Kurt Walker (Canal) 2-1

60kg Sean McComb (Holy Trinity) beat Keith Flavin (Paulstown) 3-0

60kg David Oliver Joyce (St Michael’s Athy) beat George Bates (St Marys) 2-1

W64kg Kelly Harrington (Corinthians) beat Debbie O’Reilly (Olympic) 3-0

W64kg Moira McElligott (Rathkeale) beat Sarah Close (Holy Family GG) 3-0

64kg Michael Nevin (Portlaoise) beat Ray Moylette (St Annes) 2-1

64kg Dean Walsh (St Josephs/St Ibars) beat Rohan Date (St Pauls) 3-0


March 1st S/Finals (7pm)

W69kg Joanna Barclay (Holy Family) v Claire Grace Callan)

W69kg Laoise Traynor (Bray) v Aoife Hennigan (Swinford)

69kg Adam Nolan (Bray) v Fergal Redmond (Arklow)

69kg Stephen Donnelly (All Saints) v John Joe Joyce (St Michael’s Athy)

75kg Darren O’Neill (Paulstown) v Derek Duhig (St Francis)

75kg Christy Joyce (St Michael’s Athy) v Michael O’Reilly (Portlaoise)

81kg Joe Ward (Moate) W/O

81kg Matthew Tinker (St Francis) v Donal Ward (Loughglynn)

W81kg+ Fiona Nelson (City of Belfast) v Lianne McAree-Murphy (Carrickmacross)

91kg Gary Sweeney (Olympic) v Bernard O’Reilly (Portlaoise)

91kg Stephen Ward (Monkstown Antrim) v Krys Sikora (St Francis)

91kg+ Con Sheehan (Clonmel) v Niall Kennedy (Gorey)

91kg+ Joe Joyce (Moate) v Dean Gardiner (Clonmel)



  1. I am contacting you in relation to the draw of the boxing team for the Commonwealth 2014 in Glasgow. Every fighter selected are either current Ulster/Irish Senior Champions or have a great deal of experience internationally.
    The final two positions on the team will be decided through box-offs. These are between McComb and Fitz which is justified as McComb holds the title of Irish Senior Champion and Fitz holds the current Ulster Senior Champion for the same weight. There is also the issue that McComb was completing international duty during the time of the Ulster Senior fights and therefore he could not enter them, which again justifies the box-off between both fighters.
    However the other box-off is between Padraig McCrory (Gleann) and Sean McGlinchey (Oakleaf). McCrory is the only Champion, and current champion to add to this fact, who has to box off. No justification has been given as to why he has to defend his position on the Commonwealth team by fighting an already beaten finalist, defeated by McCrory on 31st Janurary 2014 so why the need for a re-fight? McGlinchey has held no titles at all, neither of the Ulster or Irish titles, so the question stands as to why he deserves a box off and no other weight does. How has McGlinchey been granted a box off and him alone? There are no current Irish Senior Champions at 81Kg in the North of Ireland therefore McCrory holds the highest title currently at 81Kg, so why isn’t it a straight forward selection, if an 81Kg fighter is selected surely it should be the reigning Champion? This also begs another question to be answered ‘If McGlinchey wins the box-off does this mean he goes to the Commonwealth even though this would put him on an even keel with McCrory (winning one fight each) despite NOT being the Ulster Senior Champion at 81Kg?’
    The reason I wish for this to be published is to draw attention to the injustice of the selection. If I wait to after the box-off to complain about the actions of the Ulster Boxing Board it will just look like sour grapes but if it is told now than at least McCrory will not be cheated out of his chance on the Commonwealth team which he rightly deserves as he hold the current title of Ulster Senior Champion.
    If strings have been pulled to get a box-off, I would be eager to know if strings can be pulled to alter the Commonwealth selection unjustifiably to favour McGlinchey even though McCrory is the champion which was selected by the Ulster Board judges on the 31st January 2014.
    I would appreciate your help in getting this information to the public and fans of boxing as it is decisions like this that regenerate rumours, rumours that have been around since the beginning, of ‘clicks’ in amateur boxing and if you’re not part of this ‘click’ you get nowhere. Justifications for the decision should be given and as of yet no explanation has been offered.

    I would appreciate a reply when you get this and if you need any other detail feel free to email me at:
    Thank you in advance.
    John Mullan


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