Katie Taylor set for first professional fight

Olympic Gold medalist, Katie Taylor is planning to fight in the professional ranks in the world series of boxing, before the end of the year.

Taylor looks set to fight in the world series of boxing, a tournament that sees the best amateur boxers in the world compete in the ring without vests or headguards, but still allowing them to retain their amateur status.

The WSB had hoped to pit Taylor in a mouth watering fight between professional pound for pound star Holy Holm, but the AIBA moved to block any attempts to make what would have been the biggest fight in Women’s boxing history.

Taylor’s coach and father, Peter Taylor, has revealed that Ireland’s greatest sportswoman could compete at the WSB this year, allowing her to showcase her immense talent to a wider audience.

“After the EU Championships Katie has been talking about fighting in the WSB in and around September or October. We are also planning to box Queen Underwood over here in Dublin. That will be a big contest,” said her father and coach Pete when speaking to the Irish times Tuesday.

“There are no women boxing in the WSB so it will be the first female fight in the competition against another girl. It’s going to be interesting. It won’t be Queen Underwood in the WSB but someone else. We don’t yet know who that will be.”

“It will be another first,” added Pete. “I think the bout is going to be over eight two-minute rounds. We just need to find out exactly what it entails, the head gear, no head gear. There’s a few things to be investigated first. It’s exciting times ahead. There haven’t been that many international tournaments for her this year anyway.”

It would be a fight that would generate massive interest not just in Ireland but the world, after Taylor made herself a household name after her Olympic exploits.


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