Manny Pacquiao set for Rio 2016?

According to the respected “Philippine Star” media outlet , this ‘would be’ sensational development was among the subjects discussed when AIBA President Dr Ching Kuo-Wu visited the Philippines for the Asian Youth Championships opening ceremonies on Monday week last.

‘In a revolutionary step that could change the global landscape of the fight game, International Boxing Association (AIBA) president Dr. Wu Ching-Kuo said the other day he is opening the doors of the Olympics to ring icons like Manny Pacquiao with the age limit extended from 34 to 40 but to qualify, fighters must enlist in the soon-to-be-launched AIBA Professional Boxing (APB) where they become exclusive residents.”

“I hope to someday meet with Congressman Pacquiao and explain AIBA’s vision,” said Dr. Wu, according to
“I would like to invite Congressman Pacquiao to join the APB and become eligible to qualify for the Olympics. He would be a rare exception. I wish to share AIBA’s dreams with Congressman Pacquiao who in turn, if he believes it worthwhile, could encourage fighters from all over the world to join in our crusade.” goes on to add – ‘Dr. Wu said professional fighters who sign up for AIBA’s team-oriented World Series of Boxing (WSB) and the soon-to-be-launched AIBA Professional Boxing (APB) will be eligible to compete in the Olympics. Although only professionals with less than 15 bouts will be allowed as a general rule, Dr. Wu said AIBA is ready to make exceptions in the case of ring icons like Manny Pacquiao. At the 2016 Olympics, Pacquiao will be 37’. A professional who is accredited by AIBA to compete in the Olympics will be legally restrained from ever fighting for any other promoter or organization.

Meanwhile the country’s boxing association ABAP’s executive director Ed Picson said he has briefed Pacquiao on the option of participating in the Olympics and added that the only fighter to win world titles in eight divisions has filmed a video promoting the WSB in support of AIBA and Dr. Wu’s initiatives. Pacquiao, however, remains under contract with Top Rank up to the end of 2014.

As the old saying goes. “watch this space”!



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