Taylor left frustrated by lack of activity

Olympic gold medalist Katie Taylor is considering – once more – a change to professional boxing after a year which she has been left frustrated with a lack of activity.

Taylor says though that she puts that down to the sport of women’s boxing going backwards in recent times.

She also expressed disappointment at the predicted move for John Joe Nevin to the professional world of boxing.

“I’ve been flirting with the idea myself over the last few weeks as they were saying the WSB was coming in for the women but there has been no push at all.”

Taylor added “The headguards are coming off for the men but they’re staying on for the women I just don’t understand why they’re not pushing the women’s boxing like the men’s boxing.”

At the heart of Taylor’s frustration’s is the wait around to see what happens with the World Series of Boxing.

“‘I’d love to get a chance to box in a WSB but there has been no push on that all and so I don’t really know what is going to happen.”

Taylor was speaking at the launch of “Sky Sports Living For Sport” where 11 Irish Sports Stars will join Taylor in becoming Ambassadors in a initiative free to schools.


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