Connacht Rugby and IRFU cancel Sevu Reece contract

    Connacht Rugby and the IRFU have decided not to proceed with offering a contract to Sevu Reece after the Fijian appeared in Court this week.

    Reece was released with a fine after a letter from Connacht rugby stated that a conviction would nullify his contract, but it seems after mounting pressure on social media the IRFU have decided not to sign the up and coming 21-year-old.

    From Article earlier this week on Sevu Reece

    On July 1st while out drinking Reece grabbed his girlfriend to the ground after they had been having an argument and she suffered injuries to her upper face, bruising to the left side of her waist and left knee. Reece was stopped by a nearby doorman who intervened.

    “You told the police you didn’t remember the assault because of the level of intoxication,” Judge Denise Clark told the court.

    During the court proceedings, a letter from the head of operations for Connacht rugby informed the judge that a conviction would mean his contract would be withdrawn.

    Police prosecutor was firmly against a discharge without conviction, saying that it would not mean an end to Reece’s career as a professional rugby player.

    “This is an episode of family harm that occurred in the public domain – this is offending that is being widely deplored in the community and significant money by the Government is being spent to tackle domestic violence,” police prosecutor Melanie Feist said.

    Reece was ordered to pay his victim $750 within 28 days.

    It appears that Reece is still with his girlfriend “It does appear to me the victim has forgiven you. You have acknowledged you have a problem with alcohol and have been sober for three months.”

    Connacht statement this morning

    Connacht Rugby and the IRFU have taken the decision, following contact with Sevu Reece in relation to the circumstances of a recent court appearance, not to proceed with a contract to play with the province.

    Connacht Rugby and the IRFU will make no further comment.


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