Dermott Lennon & MJM Pursuit joint winners of ATCO Six-Bar at Spruce Meadows

Dermott Lennon with MJM Pursuit and Germany Holger Wulschner with Zuckersuess D’Argilla are joint winners of The ATCO Six-Bar at Spruce Meadows in Canada.

The ATCO Six-Bar, a highlight of the Mercedes-Benz Evening of the Horse, where combinations compete down a line of fences in an attempt to leave them all up. Each round, the fences get a little bigger, with the height of the final fence generally reaching well over the standard 1.60m.

Twelve horses started the class with the final fence of Round One standing at 1.50m. Only 7 of the starting dozen left all the fences up to qualify for Round Two where the final fence then measured 1.85m.

This round knocked out another 4 riders leaving only Brazilian Eduardo Menezes, Germany’s Holger Wulschner and Dermott Lennon remaining to move into Round Three.

For the third round the height of the final fence was 1.90m. Menezes and his Olympic mount Quintol had a rail down, while Wulschner and Lennon jumped clear.

Both riders decided it was enough for their young horses and elected to tie for first place.


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