Cavan win Leinster Junior football title

Cavan juniors have made it a case of fourth time lucky when they beat Kildare 0-09 to 1-13 at Newbridge  in Wednesday night’s Leinster JFC final.

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The sides met in an entertaining clash with both teams having impressed during the campaign so far, and the final lived up to expectations.

Cavan entered the Leinster championship four years ago and on each occasion since they have reached the final, only to lose out on all occasions.

However, Cavan have made up for those previous losses with home advantage and the crowd they had behind them playing its part as the Breffni men were eventually comfortable six point winners.

Cavan JFC -v- Kildare: AO’Mara; EO’Connell, JHayes, DTiernan; DSexton, O O’Connell, M O’Reilly, N McKiernan, JMorris; C Smith, P O’Connor, J Farrelly; D Barkey, R Dunne, F Slowey; D  Tighe, B Waters, K Brady; S Gaffney, D McKiernan, C Conroy; M Reilly, K Fannin; C McClarey, B McKiernan, M Dunne.

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