Tipp out to cause another upset this weekend

Few in the GAA community can ignore the massive strides that Tipperary football has made, particularly in recent times.
Up until this year, it is true to say that the Premier County have been in the headlines more so for their hurling than their footballing exploits.

However, this year the tide seems to have changed somewhat. The county’s footballers have caused some huge shocks so far in this year’s All-Ireland qualifiers, especially following their recent wins over Wexford and Antrim respectively.

Despite the footballer’s huge success up to now, the attendance figure at last weekend’s clash with Antrim in Semple Stadium showed a mere 2,500 souls present. This is in stark contrast to any of their hurling games, with a much larger crowd guaranteed to support.

Indeed, in comparison to any of the other attendance figures from last weekend’s other qualifiers, the Tipp game was lagging far behind even their closest rivals.

With Down waiting in the wings this weekend to dampen the Tipperary spirits, county board secretary Tim Floyd explained to the Irish Times that football is flourishing in the county, with their underage lads doing extremely well currently.

“We probably had the best crowd we’ve had for a qualifier against Antrim the last day,” he continued. “It was a great sounding crowd, 2,500 of them, at least half of that from Antrim.”

“I would have considered Saturday a massive increase in comparison to our home league games when we get 250 to 300 games. There was well over a thousand Tipperary supporters there on Saturday.”

“You knew it when the team started coming back at Antrim in the second half. I’d never seen that at a football game here. It was fantastic,” Floyd added.

The secretary stated that 10 of this year’s minor football panel are also part of the minor hurling panel.

“Eventually they will have to go one way or the other. Who knows, maybe some of them will opt for football instead of hurling,” he finished.

Perhaps the footballers will continue their current winning streak this weekend, but only time will tell.


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