Minor Football: Meath beat Tyrone in a thriller

Meath and Tyrone played out a thrilling All-Ireland minor football quarter-final in Newry on Sunday evening.

Tyrone actually lead till five minutes, before Meath got their second goal of the night.

Mark Bradley was the star for Tyrone with seven points and Googan was the player of the night for Meath

Meath will play Mayo in the next round.

More to follow

Live commentary
8:38pm Meath will play Mayo in the next round.
8:36pm Tyrone narrowly fail as Meath win by one point.
8:35pm McGahan hits over a free, only one in with 1min to play.
8:33pm GOAL for Meath, and then Tyrone star Mark Bradley hits the post.
8:31pm McGahan edges Tyrone in front, what a match.
8:30pm Mark Bradley levels it up, he is having a super match
8:28pm Bradley with his fifth score for Tyrone, its a great match with Meath leading by one point.
8:27pm Its another score for Ward from Meath, that is his fourth of the night.
8:25pm Its McGahan again, only one between the teams with ten min to play.
8:21pm McGahan reduces the gap to two points
8:17pm O’Sullivan puts three between the teams.
8;13pm Ward puts Meath back in front
7:50pm Its half time in Newry
7:47pm Mark Bradley with three in a row for Tyrone.
7:40pm McNulty gets Tyrone back to two behind.
7:38pm Daly gives Meath a three point lead.
7:33pm Googan hits three in a row for Meath, they now lead by one.
7:30pm Its all level at 1-03 apiece in Newry
7:25pm Mark Bradley puts Tyrone in front.
7:21pm Sean Hackett gets a goal for Tyrone
7:16pm Barry Dardis gets a goal for Meath after less than a minute
7;15pm We have thrown for the minor football match between Tyrone and Meath


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