Alan Brogan to miss Dublin’s league final

Alan Brogan’s chances of playing in the National League final looked less likely on Wednesday night, as no new evidence came to light, to support his appeal against his red card picked up against Galway.

Brogan was sent off in Dublin’s draw with the tribesmen, when a linesman consulted with referee Pat Fox, after the Dubliner was involved in an incident with Galway defender Johnny Duane. It was claimed that Brogan struck the Galway player, an action that carries an automatic four-week suspension.

Dublin officials believe that Brogan only pushed his opponent away after a collision. As there were no television cameras at the match,it is impossible for Dublin to mount a successful appeal as things stand. Dublin’s management committee meets tonight and county chairman Andy Kettle says the board will support the player if he opts to appeal:

“It’s ironic that this is the first game Dublin have played at which there weren’t cameras. Yet there were plenty of cameras on the night that Eoghan O’Gara picked up his suspension. I think it highlights the imbalance of the present system.

“There should be cameras at every game or else they shouldn’t be used at all. There has to be equality in the way discipline is dealt with and for Alan Brogan there is no equality there.”


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