Luke Dempsey denies unrest in Carlow

Carlow boss Luke Dempsey has denied that there are any problems within the squad, despite rumours in recent days.

A number of players opted off the panel since Christmas, but Dempsey is adamant that each had a valid reason for decising to leave the squad.

Speaking ahead of the county’s Leinster championship clash against Louth next month,Dempsey said.

“The disappointment was that after the national league Hughie Gahan didn’t come back to the panel and Alan Kelly dropped out. They are two promising players but after that Marc Carpenter left the panel because he couldn’t shake off injuries and he hadn’t got much playing time because of that so he couldn’t give the commitment.

“David Bambrick is travelling to Thailand in June and he left the panel for that reason. Preparation is going extremely well. We have had injuries and players out. I am talking about Aidan Murphy, Kieran Nolan, Aidan Nolan and Paraic Murphy. All these lads have been out injured but they are coming back now. Things are going very well.”


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