Mick O’Dwyer to leave Wicklow

Mick O’Dwyer has confirmed that he will leave his position as Wicklow manager at the end of the season. However,the legendary boss insists that he has not finished with football just yet.

In an interview in today’s Irish Independent O’Dwyer says:

“I said at the end of last year that I’d stay one more year. I was planning to get out last year but came under a lot of pressure to stay so I gave in. I’m glad I did but there will be no going back this time. Hopefully, we’ll have a long championship campaign but I’ll be leaving Wicklow after that”.

Regarding his future after Wicklow,the Kerry man added:

“I have the same passion for football as I ever had so who knows what the future holds? There’s an American football coach by the name of Joe Paterno going strong at the age of 84 and he’s still regarded as one of the top men. And wasn’t Alex Ferguson talking of retiring six or seven years ago? He changed his mind and is doing better than ever now.

I can’t see that man stepping down for a good while yet”.

O’Dwyer is adamant that he has given his time with Wicklow and will finish at the end of the current campaign:

“I’m still enjoying it. Wicklow is a great football county and there’s no doubt that solid progress has been made over the last few years. I’m hoping a lot more will be made this summer and, with a bit of luck, I believe it will be. But whenever the campaign ends, I’ll be off. It’s time for someone else to take up the challenge in Wicklow”.


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