5 Reason’s Tipperary will reach the All-Ireland Final

Tipperary and Michael Ryan will look to go all the way to win Liam McCarthy for the first time since 2014. I have come up with 5 reasons why I think they will reach the all Ireland in 2018.

  1. Strentgh in depth


Tipperary will have a strong bench come championship going by what they were able to bring in in the Limerick game. In that Limerick game they were able to bring on players like John O’Dwyer, Cian D’Arcy, Cathal Barrett and Brendan Maher. These players will probably start come championship though.


  1. The Two Mahers


Ronan and Padraic have been immense so far this year. Padraic never has a bad game and is always giving 100 percent. If Tipperary are to go all the way this summer it will probably be down to these two players and how they perform in defence.


  1. Influence of Jason Forde


Jason Forde is surely now a shoe in to start having played second fiddle behind Seamus Callanan who is currently out injured. However, when Callanan does return I still expect the Silvermines club man to be starting. Will have a big year I think.


  1. Can rack up huge scores


Tipperary can rack up big scores and that is what will be key to getting to the All-Ireland Final. They scored 2-31 against Limerick albeit after extra time, while they also racked up a massive score against Dublin in Croke Park. The tendency to rack up big scores could mean they can go all the way in September.


  1. They have proven goalscorers


The old saying goals wins games. Jason  Forde’s two goals basically won them the game against Limerick, while John McGrath got the ball rolling in Croke Park. They have goalscorers throughout the team Forde, O, Dwyer, McGrath, Callanan when is back fit are all goal scorers on bid match days. This could prove the difference in winning and losing and All-Ireland.


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