Mark McGovern suspect released

San Francisco police have released without charge the man arrested last Thursday in connection with the incident which left 22 year old Gaelic football player Mark McGovern in a coma.

Patrick Power, a 26 year old native of San Francisco was arrested on suspicion of battery after he was identified by players as the man who stood over the motionless McGovern and said, “You won’t get up from that”.

McGovern, who is from Fermanagh, suffered a severe brain injury in the assault and was in a coma for five weeks following the incident on June 25th during a tournament in the Treasure Island neighbourhood of San Francisco.

Investigators say that the ball was on the other side of the pitch when McGovern was knocked unconscious and that there are few witnesses to event.

Last month, McGovern’s family expressed their disappointment that Power was suspended for only 96 weeks by the San Francisco GAA Competition Control Committee following police identifying him as a person of interest early on in the case.

The GAA have given the Mark McGovern Support Fund permission to hold collections within Croke Park during Sunday’s All Ireland Football Final in order to meet McGovern’s $1,000,000 medical bills.

McGovern’s sister Grace told the San Francsico Weekly that he is “improving everyday.”

Donations to the fund can be made online at


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