Ireland boss says captain Cluxton can stay quiet

International Rules manager Anthony Tohill has said that All Ireland winner Stephen Cluxton has every right to maintain his media silence even if it will strike some viewers as odd for an international captain to go through a series without speaking.

Tohill told the Irish Independent that Cluxton’s own supporters would be more understanding of his stance but that the Australians may be surprised.

“I don’t think it will strike the Irish people as odd because of the status he has within the GAA and the season he’s had with Dublin. It’s now commonly known that Stephen deals with the media in his own way”, he said.

“They may find it odd here in the AFL that someone would choose to do that, but Stephen is an amateur footballer and is within his rights to deal with those things in the way that he does.

Tohill says that Cluxton’s refusal to deal with the media has no effect on his ability to be an effective captain for Ireland.

“As far as we’re concerned, we’re very pleased with him and believe he’s the right man to captain the team. He does his talking in the dressing-room, on the training pitch and in game situations.

“That’s what we want from him. Ability to talk to media wasn’t one of our primary considerations.”

Armagh’s Ciaran McCeever will fulfil the media commitments as part of his role as vice-captain.


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