McGeeney not expecting suspensions

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Kieran McGeeney is not expecting any suspensions after the brawl between Kildare and Monaghan during their league match at the weekend.

The two teams were involved in an altercation just before half-time and Brian Flanagan was sent off before the start of the second period.

Speaking about the incident, McGeeney said: “I didn’t really see it. There seemed to be something on the pitch and then it went to the sideline. Then there was people shouting at each other going into the tunnel.

“It is hard to know what is going on inside other people’s mind when those things are happening.

“There is a lot of testosterone flowing out there, things happen and people don’t want to seen that they are backing down.

“Joe McQuillan dealt with four people at half-time so I take it that will be it, unless something else comes out of it.”


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