Tipperary to vote against manager payments

Tipperary chairman Sean Nugent believes the county will vote against payment for managers.

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The Tipperary County Board will not decide on the matter until next Tuesday, but Nugent suggested in the Examiner that he would be voting against the proposition.

Nugent said: “I would be totally against paying managers. You have to stick by the amateur ethos that has stood the Association in good stead for 127 years. It’s something that has sustained us, and we need to keep with it.

“The matter will be discussed in light of correspondence from Croke Park. I think you’ll get a consensus from the meeting. My stance hasn’t changed and I’ve made my position clear.

“But I would recognise at the same time the amount of work that managers are putting in and the amount of time involved in it. It’s greater than some of the players even and when you’re in that job you eat, sleep and drink it.

“Maybe there is some kind of happy medium, not paying managers but perhaps enhanced expenses, and especially for managers that come from outside the county. If you have to travel 100 or 200 miles to a county, the job is much more difficult. But having said that, in the present climate, where is the money going to come from?

“We have our own financial issues to deal with but, in general, we’d be able to come up with the finances to cover these things but smaller counties would find it difficult.”


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