‘Babs’ says Glynn’s gloves unforgivable

Michael ‘Babs’ Keating has today said in his piece in the Irish Sun that he would have a serious chat with Jonathan Glynn if he was Galway manager.

The legendary Tipperary boss and player who won 2 All Ireland titles as a player and 2 as manager revealed in the Irish Sun that he wasn’t impressed with the Ardrahan club man wearing two gloves in last Sunday’s drawn Leinster hurling final. He said writing in his article, “One thing that caught my eye was Jonathan Glynn wearing two gloves”. The Ballybacon-Grange club man went on to say “I don’t know any hurler worth his salt who wouldn’t sacrifice a rap on the hand to play in a Leinster Final, he went on to say its ‘unforgivable’ that the biggest and strongest fella on the pitch, 6ft 4 and nearly 16 stone had to wear them (gloves) on both hands.

He went on to say “Gloves are a handicap in hurling, no question about it, it I was Micheal O’Donoghue giving him a jersey I’d have a serious chat about it first”. He said I have tried them on.a few times over the years to see if you’d get the same for the ball and you just don’t.


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