Brian Cody v Liam Sheedy: Who will come out on top?

A massive weekend is in store for supporters of Tipperary and Kilkenny. On the sidelines, Brian Cody will be there once again, as will Liam Sheedy who is back in the All-Ireland Final in his first year back as boss. So what do the history books tell us? We will take you through it now and the manager’s records.

Brian Cody as we all know has done it and won it all as player and manager. The James Stephens man was appointed as Kilkenny boss way back in November 1998. He has managed the Cats to 11 All-Ireland titles in them years. He is an excellent manager but he always gets the best out of players. Cody is a mastermind he is tactically aware and can mix it up when needs be. He has a strong backroom team with James McGarry, Michael Dempsey, and Derek Lyng all of whom obviously know what it takes to win. Cody has said this week that renewing rivalry with Sheedy means little, however, I would question that, Sheedy stopped the Kilkenny five in a row a couple of years back and I would, therefore, think that would be in the back of Cody’s mind on Sunday.

Liam Sheedy as we all know is back in his second stint as Tipperary manager. In his first stint in charge, the Portroe man reached an All-Ireland semi-final in 2008, reaching an All-Ireland Final in 2009, before finally winning an All-Ireland in 2010 beating Kilkenny. Sheedy has also a strong backroom team with him, Tommy Dunne, Eamonn O’Shea and Darragh Egan. Sheedy is probably more of an individual that gets fired up during matches as we seen against Wexford in the semi-final. He will want to obviously win the game and get another one over on Brian Cody.

Whatever happens on Sunday these two men are gents on and off the field having had the pleasure of meeting them. They give their all to their respective counties and once the dust has settled on Sunday they will shake hands and move on win, lose or draw. Who comes out on top is hard to know. Cody has the experience but Sheedy has hunger.



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