Can the Dubs be dethroned this Summer?

This is probably a question all counties are asking can anyone actually stop Dublin’s dominance of the All-Ireland Football Championship this Summer? The answer is yes of course. Dublin will be looking for their fifth All-Ireland title in a row once August comes around, again I expect them to be there on All-Ireland semi-final weekend at the very least.

Many may ask what has made Dublin so good over the past 7 or 8 years. Personally, the funding Dublin get helps an awful lot in terms of coaching players and development. This work starts though at U8, U10 and U12 level in the clubs in Dublin. Everything stems from the club. Many will argue the size of Dublin in terms of population and a bigger pick they would obviously compared to teams like Louth or Leitrim for example. Again, these two teams probably don’t even get a quarter of what Dublin get in terms of funding. Over the last 10 years Dublin have got 20 million in funding, while Cork their next nearest rival is approximately 2 million. How can the GAA justify that?

Personally, I think everyone should be on a level playing field in terms funding. Split the funding between the 32 counties as well as New York and London. This would make it fairer. Some may say that is a stupid idea but the GAA need to change something as personally I feel Gaelic Football is dying you can see that with attendances at the games last summer. hence why the GAA changed the rules to make it more interesting for supporters to go watch instead of watching a game 0-07 to 0-05 at full time. More just needs to be done to help the so called weaker counties, if they need more coaches so be it, if they need more funding so be it. Helping the weaker counties get better is the only way we can improve the game, not helping the bigger counties get stronger. That is just what I feel anyway.

Dublin will be their come August no doubt about that, no one challenges them in Leinster. There has been signs that the dominance is getting away from them though, losing to Kerry and Monaghan in the league, and guess what these games were away from home. May be the GAA should take Dublin out of Croke Park altogether as basically it is their home ground, their familiar to surroundings and everything, where as other teams might be lucky to get to Croker once a year, Dublin could play up to 7 or 8 games there a year. Dublin will be dethroned will it be in 2019 who knows only time will tell, but they are a superb team in fairness, just my point is that the GAA should have an equal playing field for all.


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