Can Wexford hurlers get a first win over Dublin since 2008?

When Wexford and Dublin meet on Sunday afternoon Wexford fans will be hoping that they can get their first win over the Dubs for the first time since 2008.

Yes, it has been 10 years since Wexford last beat Dublin, which goes to show how far they have drifted back the last few years. Wexford will have this game down as a number 1 target to set them up nicely from the round Robin series, a win here will set them up nice for the Offaly where they will be expected to win easily enough.

What is strange for me though, is the odds for the game, Wexford are 1/3 to win, yes, they are home, yes, they have improved, yes they have the Davy Fitzgerald factor, but at odds of 1/3 you would have to wonder considering they haven’t beaten Dublin in 10 years. Dublin are 3/1 and after their superb performance against Kilkenny they should be a bit shorter, the bookies don’t be too far wrong though and the handicap is Wexford – 4.

The last five championship matches have seen Dublin win or draw. In 2016, Dublin hammered Wexford 2-17 to 0-12, 2014 saw Dublin win 0-22 to 1-14, in 2013 the sides played out at 1-17 to 1-17 draw in Parnell Park, before Dublin won 0-18 to 1-13 in the replay at Wexford Park. In 2009, Dublin won 0-18 to 1-13.

As you can see from the games, they have all been close, either the bookies no something that we don’t, or this will be tougher battle than the odds suggest for Wexford on Sunday.

I fancy Wexford to win but not by 5 or 6 points. It will be a close encounter.

The game throws in at 3pm in Wexford Park on Sunday.


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