Cork v Clare Hurling replay : Preview & live score commentary (Throw in 5pm)

Its All-Ireland final replay weekend as the starting teams from Cork and Clare prepare to face each other for the third time this year (Throw in 5pm Saturday).


All-Ireland SHC final replay
Clare 5-16 v 3-16 Cork, Croke Park, 5pm – F/T Clare are the All-Ireland Champions

6.31pm Full Time and Clare are the All Ireland champions for the first time since 1997. A fantastic final, one of the greats. Cork played their part but Clare held on. Congratulations to Davy Fitzgerald and his team. Thank you for joining us.

6.30pm Honan with a fine indiviual goal, great composure – almost walked the ball in.

6.29pm Cork just won’t lie down.. they have scored another goal, three points the difference, 60 seconds to go

6.27pm First 65 of the day and Colin Ryan makes no mistake putting Clare six ahead. 2 minutes of added time, Surely this is Clare’s title.

6.26pm Nash mis-hits a free from just outside the 21 yard line and it goes wide. 2 minutes to go.

6.24pm Thats his final action of the day as Davy Fitz calls him ashore, the crowd give him a stunning send off.

6.24pm O’Donnell with his third point – has he sealed it now? Clare lead by 5 points

6.21pm Tony Kelly with a fine point from almost half way – one of the best scores of the game so far. Clare lead by 4 points.

6.20pm WHAT A GOAL BY Conor McGrath – poor defending but fantastic run and finish to put Clare back in front.

6.18pm GOAL!!! Seamus Harnedy with his first ever Championship goal puts Cork level again

6.17pm Conor McGrath wins a free with a fantastic run, Ryan makes no mistake his time and Clare now lead by three points.

6.16pm Colin Ryan misses his second free of the second half, Clare still lead by two points

6.14pm Conlon scores a fine score to put Clare two points ahead again. Big score.

6.13pm Cian McCarthy goes off for Cathal Naughton

6.12pm Shane O’Donnell is back one and he’s scored his 2 point of the game at a crucial stage. Clare back in front. Cork respond through Lehane but it goes wide.

6.11pm Dillon is booked for Clare and Horgan doubles the punishment by levelling matters. Clare has scored just one point in the 2nd half so far.

6.08pm Shane O’Donnell looks like he is struggling and has gone off as a blood sub, Fergal Lynch is on.

6.05pm Colin Ryan puts a free off the post and Cork break – pulsating game. Horgan puts the ball wide.

6.04pm Horgan adds another free and unbelievably Cork are now only a point behind.

6.00pm Galvin tries to calm Clare but hits his effort wide. Clare can’t get going this half so far.

5.59pm Clare concede a free and Davy Fitz remonstrates with the ref who moves the ball in. Easier position now for Horgan – he lands it and now Cork only trail by two points.

5.57 pm Nash is not needed in the end as Horgan slots the ball over. Tom Kenny comes on for Cork.

5.56pm Cork win a free and Anthony Nash makes his way, he is going for goal.

5.55pm Clare get the first score of the second half through a beautiful score from Tony Kelly.

5.55pm The second half is underway and Cork open it with a wide from Pat Horgan – yellow card for Clare’s John Conlon.

5.37pm H/T It’s been a pulsating first half, Clare lead after a stunning opening 19 minutes that saw Shane O’Donnell, a late addition to the team by Davy Fitzgerald, score a hat-trick. Cork have kept plugging away and head into at the whistle just four points down.

5.35pm Clare’s lead is down to four points as a Nash free causes problems and Horgan add’s his second from play. There will be a minute of added time and just like the first game Cork are keeping in touch, somehow.

5.34pm Horgan adds another free to take Cork into double figures for points.

5.32pm Hawk Eye gets it first run out of the day and it does it’s job comfirming a point for Pa Cronin

5.31pm Harnedy ends that barren run with a point, did well to create the space to get the shot in.

5.30pm Untidy passage of play as both sides hit wides, Clare with one and Cork with two – its now 8 1/2 minutes since Cork last scored.

5.26pm Shane O’Donnell is having a fantastic game. Man of the match material already – he’s only 19 years old but he is playing with the maturity of an experienced star. Ryan scores another free. Clare lead by 8 points.

5.24pm Colin Ryan with a fantastic free from distance. Big chance for Pat Horgan to score a goal but the Clare defence stood out well.

5.22pm Horgan gets his first from play for Cork, but Kelly responds with a fine point.

5.20pm GOAL!! Shane O’Donnell has scored a 19th minute hat-trick. Great flick down by John Conlon but terrible defending by Cork. Clare, and especially O’Donnell, like look scoring a goal everything they go forward.

5.18pm Clare respind with a free from who else only that master of accuracy Colin Ryan

5.17pm It matters little as we have our third GOAL of the game.. Cork will not lie down.

5.16pm Anthony Nash comes up for a free and Clare put 13 men on the line

5.12pm GOAL!! Unbelievably Shane O’Donnell has scored his second goal of the game

5.12pm Colin Ryan makes it two free’s from two with a straight forward free

5.11pm Lehane with a fine point for Cork, had a lot of space and took the point well. A goal now separates the sides. Cork have responded well to conceding the goal

5.10pm Pat Horgan gets his first free of the day. Cian McCarthy has a chance to add another point but hits it over his shoulder and it goes wide.

5.08pm Colin Ryan gets his first free of the day – Clare lead by 5 points already, 7 minutes played

5.07pm Just like the first game Clare have made a frantic start, the only difference this time is they have goals in them

5.05pm GOAL!!! Clare score through Shane O’Donnell with a lovely finish

5.04pm The teams are level, Lorcan McLaughlin – but only for a matter of seconds

5.03pm Shane O’Donnell gets Clare’s second point. Seamus Harnedy responds for Cork

5.02pm John Conlon gets the first score of the game

5.01pm and we’re underway… and Clare immediately off the blocks but it goes wide

4.50pm It’s a Saturday, its 10 minutes to five and we are about to watch an All Ireland final, feel’s odd. Should be a fantastic game though.

Cork: Anthony Nash; Stephen McDonnell, Shane O’Neill, Conor O’Sullivan; Brian Murphy, Christopher Joyce, William Egan; Lorcan McLoughlin, Daniel Kearney; Seamus Harnedy, Cian McCarthy, Patrick Cronin; Luke O’Farrell, Patrick Horgan, Conor Lehane.

Clare: Patrick Kelly; Domhnall O’Donovan, David McInerney, Cian Dillon; Brendan Bugler, Pat Donnellan (c), Patrick O’Connor; Conor Ryan, Colm Galvin; John Conlon, Tony Kelly, Colin Ryan; Podge Collins, Darach Honan, Conor McGrath.


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