Crettyard GAA club take not-so-subtle Swipe at St. Brigid’s

Laois GAA club Crettyard have become a viral hit today after publishing their own version of the exposed player-coach contracts that caused quite a stir among the Irish public earlier this week.

In case you missed the story, a copy of the contracts signed by both the players and coaches of Dublin club St. Brigid’s was leaked online earlier this week. 

The agreement was construed as being a touch over the top by members of the public, with the point that ‘All holidays must be agreed in advance with management and only taken during breaks in the season’ judged as being particularly extreme.

Today, Crettyard have released their own version of the agreement, with a slightly more tongue in cheek feel to it.

One rule in particular has since caught on, with the hashtag #hontheyard doing the rounds on Twitter this afternoon.

Well played Crettyard, well played.


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