Curran Hails St Brigids Heroes

St Brigids goalkeeper Shane Curran has described his side’s All-Ireland club football success as the biggest any Roscommon team has achieved since the Sam Maguire last visited the county in 1944.

Curran, 41, spoke to RTE’s Marty Morrissey after yesterday’s victory over Ballymun Kickhams: “Whatever age you are doesn’t make any difference. Playing with this group of players makes me feel 13 – they have giving so much energy and that has impacted on the whole squad.

“We are now the most magnificent men to have left Roscommon since 1944 and we’re going back with a senior All-Ireland medal. That’s a lot to be proud of. The win was just desserts for a lot of the hard work the club has put in over the last 20 years.”

Meanwhile, Frankie Dolan, who scored the winning point, believes that there was a greater maturity in the St. Brigid’s team this year.

“There were a lot of harsh words said during the week,” he said.

“There were a couple of lads that maybe wanted to be started. Maybe they could have lost the plot a couple of years ago. The bit of experience. They knew it was a team game. They came on and made the difference, the subs that came on really pushed us over the line.”


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