Davy Fitzgerald talks about Galway job

Davy Fitzgerald has broken his silence on the possibility of taking the Galway job.

We reported two weeks ago, that there was a massive gamble on Fizgerald taking over in Galway and the money looks to have been well placed.

The Wexford boss said he will make a decision on his future ‘in the next day or two’ which will no doubt be that he is joining the Galway hurlers.

“Listen, I’ve to decide whether I’m staying in Wexford or not, that’s the most important question,” Fitzgerald said speaking to Midwest Sport on Wednesday.

“I’ve to get my own mind sorted and I’ll be doing that very soon. Very soon would be in the next day or two.”

“Listen, my heart is torn unreal there for the last number of weeks,” he said. “I think people appreciate it’s a massive-long drive down to Wexford.

“For me, it’s probably two and a half to three hours down and the same back. So that’s three or four nights a week.

“I’ve a very special bunch of boys down there so, that’s what’s taking me so long.”

Davy went onto say “The one thing I will say to you is, I haven’t talked to one person from Galway.”

So basically there has been some intermediary between Davy and the Galway county board. Rumours suggest that Pat McDonagh of Supermac’s is one of the main reasons Fitzgerald will be the Tribes manager next season



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