Davy undecided on staying with Wexford

Wexford manager Davy Fitzgerald has revealed he is undecided on whether he will come back for a third term in charge of the county senior hurlers. The Sixemilebridge club man revealed in an interview with Liam Spratt from South East Radio, after the game, he said ”Jesus Christ, i am only off the field 20 minutes, I am just tired, all I can you tell you is I absolutely adore these boys so much. you have no idea how much I adore these guys”.

Fitzgerald did reveal to the local Wexford People newspaper though that the players want to have him at the helm for a third year. However, he admitted he will take sometime in deciding his future as Model county, while factoring in the 400 mile plus journey he would take 3, 4 or 5 nights a week. Fitzgerald said “Look, on my own future, the players have asked me to stay on. It’s a long journey, a huge commitment, a six to seven hour round trip. It has not been easy but I will be taking everything on board. The two time All-Ireland winner went on to say ”We have made lots of progress, but I’m not in a position to give an answer on my future. The players want me to stay but the answer is for another day”.

Fitzgerald has progressed Wexford hurling and that is very easy to see, he brought them to a Leinster Final last year, while he got them promoted also last year to Division 1A, before maintaining their top flight status this year. He has come under a lot of criticism from pundits, players and media in the past but it would be hard to imagine the hurling championship with Davy Fitzgerald on the sideline managing some team. He brings passion, fieriness and a willingness to win and succeed, that is why I personally like him as a manager, opinions will differ and each to their own own I guess.


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