Diarmuid Connolly was definitely wrong, but so was Pat Spillane

Dublin hammered Westmeath by 31 points, although the staggering scoreline was a talking point, the real talking point was Jim Gavins press conference.

Jim Gavin and the Dublin team opted not to talk to broadcast media in one-on-one interviews after the game as Dublin panel were unhappy with the television coverage surrounding the Diarmuid Connolly suspension.

You can listen to the the full Jim Gavin press confernce on the start of the GAA hour

This saga has well and truly poked the bear. In what has been called  a “witch hunt” by many – it’s felt that the view that Pat Spillane (The Sunday Game panelist) took the decision was completely biased and as a result, it kick started a media “open season” on Connolly – which it certainly did. But Connolly did commit an offence and he was punished for it, but as Jim Gavin stated lots of players do the same thing and get no punishment.

Regardless of Spillane’s opinion which he is fully entitled to – was it right for Joe Brolly and Dessie Dolan publicly state that Spillane was unfair in his slamming of Diarmuid Connolly on the same programme after the incident which led to his suspension? Of course, because it was a predetermined statement that influenced many others opinions on it.

Although Connolly is known for his silly behaviour his good name was attacked and the aftermath from Spillane and Colm O’Rourke helped contribute to the decision to suspend the St Vincent’s forward.

Brolly heavily criticised his coverage of the incident on the programme on Sunday evening, saying that he had “everything on but his Kerry blazer and his Kerry tie”. Named and shamed by his fellow pundits, his commentary disgracefully biased and electing himself the judge, jury and executioner against Connolly.

Enough was enough for Gavin, his team and every Dublin Gaelic football fan. If one goes to war, they all go to war. One positive that has come out of this – it has energised and strengthened the boys in blue to win three in a row.

You can listen to the full Jim Gavin press conference on the start of the GAA hour


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