Dublin v Mayo – Live score commentary updates

Live score commentary form the All-Ireland football semi-final between Dublin and Mayo, throw in at 3:30pm in Croke Park.


Mayo survived a late fightback from Dublin to reach their first All-Ireland final since 2006. It was heart in the mouth time for Mayo’s supporters as their county failed to score for twenty minutes in the second half as Dublin steadily ate into the ten point lead Mayo had built up with fifty minutes on the clock.

As Dublin clawed their way back into the game it seemed that it would be another one of those nightmare games for the Connacht champions. The groans emanating from the Mayo fans when the stadium announcer told them that five minutes of injury time were to be played betrayed their anxiety.

With 72 mins on the clock and the gap now just two points, Cillian O’Connor’s free was greeted as if it was the final whistle. There was still time for yet more drama. Bernard Brogan added another free to reduce the gap to two points again but late substitute Seamus O’Shea scored what proved to be the winning point. The agony for the Westerners was prolonged. A goalmouth scramble led to a Stephen Cluxton dash up the field. He dropped the ball into the square but somehow a Mayo defender emerged from the scramble with the ball in his hands.

Finally referee Joe McQuillan blew the final whistle and after 77 minutes of drama and torture for their fans, Mayo were in the All-Ireland final. Dublin’s reign as champions is over. The relief that exploded among the green and red clad fans after the final whistle as the Saw Doctors blared out over the PA system was palpable. The scramble for tickets for the All-Ireland final on 23 September against Donegal begins.

Mayo’s Alan Dillon is the man of the match.

All-Ireland Minor Football Championship semi-finals
Dublin 3-12 1-10 Kerry, Croke Park FT

Live commentary
5:06pm Dublin lose by three, its a Mayo v Donegal final.
5:04pm Cillian O’Connor gets Mayo’s first score in twenty five minutes. Its Mayo by three.
5:03pm Another shocking bit of play by Michael Conroy, he should of had a point for Mayo.
5:02pm We have five minutes injury time.
5:00pm One of the worst wides in years by Cillian O’Connor, Mayo could live to regret that.
4:59pm Amazing save by the Mayo keeper from Bernard Brogan, Paul Flynn hits over the rebound.
4:55pm Its a 45′ for Dublin, it should of been flagged as a wide. Stephen Cluxton gets Dublin back to three points down.
4:53pm Its six in a row for Dublin, Mayo are giving away such easy free kicks. Its Bernard Brogan again.
4:52pm Shocking wide by Eoghan O’Gara, he should of scored.
4:50pm Its another free for Dublin, Bernard Brogan with the score, now only five points in it.
4:48pm Bernard Brogan is fouled and he kicks over the easy free. Only six points in it.
4:47pm Paul Flynn hits the third point in a row for Dublin.
4:45pm Ciaran Kilkenny hits over another point for Dublin, Alan Brogan is off the Dublin team he was just not fit.
4:44pm Its the second point of the half for Dublin and amazingly both have been from Stephen Cluxton.
4:42pm Alan Dillon gets a score and Mayo lead Dublin by ten points with 20min to play.
4:41pm Great chance by Jason Doherty,but he puts his kicks wide.
4:40pm Man of the match so far Richie Feeney hits over a point followed by Cillian O’Connor.
4:40pm Shot by Alan Brogan drops into the keepers hands.
4:39pm Shocking play by Ciaran Kilkenny, his shot goes into the keepers hands.
4:38pm Cillian O’Connor restores the Mayo lead back to six.
4:36pm More fighting off the ball, wont be long before someone is sent off.
4:34pm The game has been delayed about four minutes, Alan Dillon, Rory O’Carroll and James McCarthy all get yellow cards.
4:32pm Alan Freeman is coming onto the Mayo team. Enda Varley has been injured during a ten man brawl.
4:31pm Michael Conroy is fouled and Cillian O’Connor hits it over.
4:30pm Nice score by Stephen Cluxton form the 45′.
4:28pm Horror wide by Michael Conroy for Mayo then David Clarke makes a great save in the Mayo goal. Diarmuid Connollys shot is well saved.
4:27pm The second half is underway and Mayo go on the attack.
4:25pm Alan Brogan is onto the Dublin team for Bryan Cullen. He will need to have a great 35min.
4:12pm Tweet @sniSportsNews with your thoughts on who will win the match
4:09pm Its half time and Mayo lead by double scores, its Mayo 0-12 0-06 Dublin.
4:08pm Its now double scores, Mayo get another score from Kevin McLoughlin.
4:07pm Another easy free for Mayo and Enda Varley makes no mistakes.
4:06pm Jason Doherty kicks Mayo into a four point lead.
4:05pm Poor mistake in the Dublin defense, Kevin McLoughlin hits over a point.
4:03pm Ciaran Kilkenny hits his second point of the day.
4:02pm No mistakes this time from Enda Varley, Mayo lead by three.
4:01pm Ciaran Kilkenny’s shot drops into the keepers hands.
4:00pm Its a poor shot from Enda Varley, its out for a 45′. Cillian O’Connor hits it over.
4:00pm Its been a great first thirty minutes of play, Mayo lead by two points.
3:57pm Ciaran Kilkenny gets his first ever score for Dublin.
3:56pm Diarmuid Connolly gets his second score of the match.
3:54pm Score of the day from Alan Dillon, Mayo lead by three points.
3:52pm Nice point from Diarmuid Connolly, they badly needed that score.
3:52pm Barry Moran hits a stunning score for Mayo from play.
3:51pm Alan Dillon punches over a lovely point, Mayo lead by two.
3:50pm Poor wide by Ciaran Kilkenny, he should of scored.
3:48pm Cillian O’Connor hits a free narrowly wide, thats Mayo’s third wide.
3:46pm Dublin have yet to score from play, they are really missing Alan Brogan.
3:45pm Lee Keegan has had to go off the Mayo team injured.
3:45pm Dublin hit the crossbar through Paul Flynn, very very unlucky not to be a goal.
3:43pm Michael Conroy gives Mayo the lead with their first point from play.
3:42pm One of the worst wide you will see from Kevin McLoughlin.
3:41pm Mayo win a 45′ and Cillian O’Connor hits it over the bar to level up the match.
3:40pm Poor shot by Bernard Brogan drops into the keepers hands.
3:38pm Great score by Cillian O’Connor for Mayo from a free.
3:36pm Poor wide by Diarmuid Connelly for Dublin, Bernard Brogan should of went for the shot.
3:34pm Its another easy free for Bernard Brogan, Dublin lead by two points.
3:33pm Mayo’s Enda varley hits a shot thirty yards wide.
3:32pm Crazy play by the Mayo corner back Kevin Keane, he double solo’s and Bernard Brogan scores the easy free.
3:30pm We have thrown in at Croke Park, it should be a great match. Dublin defending Hill 16 in the first half.
3:25pm Alan Brogan does not start for Dublin, Ciaran Kilkenny comes into the team.
3:12pm Chris Barrett comes into the Mayo team for Colm Boyle

Dublin – Stephen Cluxton; Michael Fitzsimons, Rory O’Carroll, Cian O’Sullivan; James McCarthy, Ger Brennan, Kevin Nolan; Eamon Fennell, Denis Bastick; Paul Flynn, Michael Darragh Macauley, Bryan Cullen; Alan Brogan, Diarmuid Connolly, Bernard Brogan.

Mayo – David Clarke, Kevin Keane, Ger Cafferkey, Keith Higgins, Lee Keegan, Donal Vaughan, Chris Barrett, Barry Moran, Aidan O’Shea, Kevin McLoughlin, Jason Doherty, Alan Dillon, Enda Varley, Cillian O’Connor, Michael Conroy.

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