Dublin hammer Monaghan to reach semi-final against Tyrone

It was a shocking poor All-Ireland football quarter-final as Dublin hammered Monaghan and set an All-Ireland semi-final with Tyrone

Dublin eased to 1-19 to 0-12 win over Monaghan

Dublin – S Cluxton; P McMahon, C O’Sullivan, M Fitzsimons; J Cooper, J Small, E Lowndes; B Fenton, J McCarthy (0-1); C Kilkenny, C O’Callaghan (0-1), J McCaffrey (0-1); P Mannion (0-3), P Andrews (0-3), D Rock (1-8, 0-7f, 0-1’45). Subs: B Brogan for E Lowndes, P Flynn (0-1) for J McCarthy, D Daly for J Small, E O’Gara (0-1) for P Andrews, M D Macauley for C Kilkenny, D Byrne for J Cooper.

Monaghan – R Beggan (0-1f); F Kelly, D Wylie, R Wylie; C Walshe (0-1), K Duffy, K O’Connell (0-1); K Hughes, D Hughes (0-1); D Ward, G Doogan, S Carey; R McAnespie (0-1), J McCarron, C McManus (0-4, 3f). Subs: C McCarthy (0-3) for G Doogan, O Duffy for D Ward, V Corey for R Wylie, D Mone for K O’Connell, N McAdam for D Hughes, F Kelly.



They clash for the fifth time in the championship, their last meeting being in 2014 when Dublin won an All-Ireland quarter-final by 2-22 to 0-11.
Stephen Cluxton will break the record and make his 89th appearance,“It’s a great milestone for Stephen,” the Dublin manager enthused.“It reflects his commitment to Gaelic games and the GAA throughout his adult life. We are very fortunate to have him. Long may it continue. He’s just a fantastic sportsman.“He really applies himself to his craft. He’s a great leader for us as well — he’s courageous, disciplined and loyal. What’s more, he’s a great influence on the other players too. His work-ethic is unequalled. He has everything you would want.

“Obviously, I played with him at the back end of my own career and seen him progress and develop. I have seen first-hand just how purposeful he is and how determined he is to be the best that he can be. He just focuses on his game.”

Dublin 0-19 Carlow 0-7 (Leinster quarter-final)
Dublin 4-29 Westmeath 0-10 (Leinster semi-final)
Dublin 2-23 Kildare 1-17 (Leinster final)
Top Scorers
Dean Rock…………2-11 (0-9 frees, 0-2 ‘45s’)
Con O’Callaghan…0-17 (0-8 frees)
Ciaran Kilkenny….1-8
Monaghan 1-20 Fermanagh 1-11 (Ulster Preliminary Round)
Monaghan 1-15 Cavan 0-15 (Ulster quarter-final)
Down 1-14 Monaghan 0-15 (Ulster semi-final)
Monaghan 3-23 Wexford 1-11 (Qualifiers – Round 2)
Monaghan 1-12 Carlow 1-7 (Qualifiers (Round 3)
Monaghan 1-24 Down 1-16 (Qualifiers Round 4)
Top Scorers
Conor McManus……2-27 (0-16 frees)
Conor McCarthy……..0-15 (0-3 frees)
Owen Duffy…………….1-10 (0-1 free)
2014: Dublin 2-22 Monaghan 0-11 (All-Ireland quarter-final)
1923: Dublin 2-5 Monaghan 0-0 (All-Ireland semi-final)
1922: Dublin 2-8 Monaghan 0-2 (All-Ireland semi-final)
1908: Dublin 1-5 Monaghan 0-2 (All-Ireland semi-final)
They have played in 18 quarter-finals, winning ten, drawing three and losing five. The only year they didn’t qualify for the quarter-finals (introduced in 2001) was in 2003 when they lost to Armagh in the qualifiers. Their last quarter-final defeat was against Kerry in 2009.
2016: Dublin 1-15 Donegal 1-10
2015: Dublin 2-23 Fermanagh 2-15
2014: Dublin 2-22 Monaghan 0-11
2013: Dublin 1-16 Cork 0-12