Duggan set to miss 2020 league and championship

Clare’s Peter Duggan is to miss the 2020 Allianz league and championship. The 2018 all-star is to take a trip which is set to give him experience ahead of launching his own landscaping business when he returns to Ireland.

Duggan has said he has informed Donal Moloney of his plans saying I’ve met up with Donal and we’re going to still be in contact,”  The Clooney Quinn man continued  Donal has been fantastic, he said the door is always open. “I don’t even know what way things will go, you know yourself when people have went travelling but it hasn’t ended up being the way they thought it would be.”

He did say he could end up coming home. He said “So who knows that might happen with me and I could end up coming home. Donal has been brilliant and he will always support me in whatever decision I make”.

The 2013 All-Ireland winner plans to Australia for the year but it is a possibility he won’t settle over there. He said to RTE Sport I might end up going over and you just don’t know I might not like it straight away and end up coming home. My initial plan would be to go over for the year.”

Clare hurling fans will be looking for a better year in 2020 having failed to get out the Munster group this year.


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