Eight goals each as Jim McGuinness’ 2012 All Stars beat Pat Gilroy’s 2011 men in New York

The All Star exhibition in Gaelic Park, New York on Saturday night served up sixteen goals for the 1,000 strong crowd, with Jim McGuinness’ men putting 8-17 past Pat Gilroy’s side’s paltry offering of 8-07.

The teams lined out with 13-a-side due to a number of injuries, leading to some bizarre formations and positioning selections with Dublin’s full back Rory O’Connell playing up front for Gilroy’s men.

McGuinness’ men were relatively shy on the goal front though until the final quarter though when they lead 3-12 to 5-5 but the result if not the scoreline was never in doubt as the 2012 men pushed through at every opportunity.

The man of the match was reserved for a 2011 winner Michael Darragh Macauley who bagged a hattrick and a point.

There was also room for a number of New York players to play their part and four member of the American panel got some time on the pitch.

McGuinness won’t be too worried conceding eight goals in such an open match but he will be concerned about the injury to his Donegal captain Michael Murphy, who was withdrawn early on after injuring ligaments in his leg.

Via Irish Times
ALL STARS 2012: P Durcan (Donegal); K Higgins (Mayo), E Cadogan (Cork); A Thompson (Donegal), K Lacey (Donegal, 0-2), L Keegan (Mayo, 1-1); A Walsh (Cork, 0-1), N Gallagher (Donegal, 1-2); K McLoughlin (Mayo, 0-1, 45), D O’Connor (Cork, 2-2), P Kerrigan (Cork, 1-1); M Murphy (Donegal, 0-1), C O’Neill (Cork, 1-2).

Inter-change players: CJ Molloy (New York, 1-0), D Lehane (New York), C O’Connor (Mayo, 1-4), N McGee (Donegal).

ALL STARS 2011: B Kealy (Kerry); M O Se (Kerry), J McMahon (Tyrone); T O Se (Kerry), K Nolan (Dublin), K Cassidy (Donegal); MD Macauley (Dublin, 3-1), M Foley (Kildare, 0-1); B Brosnan (Wexford, 0-2), B Brogan (Dublin, 2-1), K McManamon (Dublin, 1-2); D O’Dwyer (New York), R O’Carroll (Dublin, 1-0).

Inter-change players: C Horgan (New York), A Dillon (Mayo, 1-0).


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