GAA All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Tier 2 Proposals

GAA President John Horan has said two proposals have been put on the table for a tier 2 football championship. Speaking to he said that there has been a momentum to look at the structure of the All-Ireland senior football championship.

Horan said that two ideas were put on the table. He said coming from that the GAA have decided to put on a special congress in October in Pairc Ui Chaoimh to bring it to a conclusion in terms of whether going ahead with a Tier 2 championship or not. The GAA President that both proposals will be finalised in September at the GAA’s Central Council meeting.

Proposal A will see Division 3 or 4 teams that lose in the provincial championship progress into the second tier competition according to Tom Ryan Director General of the GAA. However, under this, the only exception would be if a Division 3 or 4 team happens to get to a provincial final. Proposal A will see a straight knockout between the 16 teams. The semi-finals and finals of the this will be played in Croke Park.

The second proposal is slightly different. Again 16 teams will play the proposed championship. 16 teams will start out in the first round. However, the difference is a winners group and a losers group will emerge from the first round. In simple terms, the team that loses in the first round will have a second opportunity to come back into the competition. It can all be seen in the attached video.

Tom Ryan said a debate will be the first step on the ladder in getting the proposals out to the counties and letting them discuss it. The feedback from that debate then will be brought to the Central Council in September. The idea following that then would be a Special Congress which a vote will take place on October 19th in regards to whether or not the proposals will be passed. President John Horan said, “That if one of those proposals were passed that the association would hope it would come into effect for 2020 championship”.


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