GAA announce fixture details for both codes

The GAA on Wednesday afternoon announced details for the final two rounds of the super 8 All-Ireland quarter-finals as well the All-Ireland hurling semi-finals.

Just like the first round which is due to be played this weekend in Croke Park. Group 2 will open the second round of action on the Saturday and then it will be the turn of teams in Group 1 on the Sunday. These games are the 21st/22nd of July. The roles will be reversed though for the final round of games which are due to take place on the Bank Holiday weekend. Group 1 will begin the weekend with the two games, followed by Group 2 the following day.  The way it will work is the winner in Group 1 will play second in Group 2 in the semi-finals and the vice versa winner of Group 2 play the second placed team in Group 1.

In hurling it has been confirmed that current All-Ireland champions Galway will play in the first All-Ireland semi-final against one of this weekend’s quarter final winners on the 28th of July. Cork will play in the second semi-final on July 29th. It must be noted that neither provincial final pairing can be repeated at this stage, while repeat pairings will be avoided if at all possible. Looking at it then, if Kilkenny and Clare were to win their respective games this weekend then then it would mean Galway/Clare and Cork/Kilkenny semi-finals. If Limerick and Wexford come out on top then Limerick will play Galway and Wexford will face Cork. Kilkenny and Wexford for instance if they win, then Wexford play Galway and Kilkenny play Cork, finally if Clare and Limerick win then the semi-final pairings will be Clare/Galway and Limerick/Cork.


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