GAA need to give separate TV Rights for Joe McDonagh and Two Tier Championship

Damien Comer helped himself to a couple of goals in Galway's 4-24 v 1-12 win over Sligo at the same stage in last years Championship. Photo credit: Shane Tighe

The GAA really have to consider branching out the number of games they will show in the near future.

In my opinion, they should already be showing the Joe McDonagh Cup games, why you may ask? First of all to promote hurling in them counties and second of all for a matter of fairness. Every county deserves its time in the sun so to speak. It would be massive. GAAGo have shown some Joe McDonagh but they should be shown on TV seen GAA is our national sport.

If the two-tier championship in football comes in then other channels will have to come on board for sure. For instance, there could be 30 games in the tier 2 championship maybe even more. The GAA should be considering giving the two-tier championship rights to TG4. TV3 could come back on board as well and give some coverage if required. There is plenty of tv time to show games every weekend. If the GAA were serious about the championship they would show as many games as they can be Liam McCarthy, Sam Maguire, Joe McDonagh or Christy Ring Cup. The more games shown the better for not only supporters but the GAA will actually benefit in terms of gate receipts and then tv rights obviously.

I am a massive fan of TG4. They support everything, from ladies Gaelic Football, camogie, U20 formally U21 championship, minor championship, club football, club hurling, superb highlights show. What else could a GAA fan actually ask for. If the Tier 2 championship comes in which John Horan said he is going to put on the table at the next meeting of Congress the GAA just need to support the so-called smaller teams more, give them more exposure and give them and the supporters a couple of big days out when the cameras are a the venue.

Whether a TV Rights deal will happen I am not so sure, they tend to stick to the so-called big teams and give relatively little game time to the so-called weaker teams.


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