Dublin beat Galway to win 2013 Leinster Hurling Championship

Dublin are Leinster hurling champions after beating Galway by twelve points.

Its been a remarkable season for Dublin, after beating Wexford and Kilkenny after replays they demolished a rusty Galway and claim their first Leinster title since 1961.

Paul Ryan was the star player for Dublin scoring both goals and getting six points from frees/play.

Dublin started the best and lead by 8pts at half time, Galway got back to within six points with ten minutes to play, but Dublin were by far the better side and pushed on to win by 12pts.

We have a few weeks break but we will enjoy the next few days

“Its such a great day, we all wanted to put last year right. We were lucky to come out of Wexford park, Game plans are as good as the guys that carry them out, we won the puck outs.”

That is what won it for us. Its been a brilliant six weeks. The subs were just fantastic. We have a few weeks break but we will enjoy the next few days and back to training on Thursday”. Said Dublin manager Anthony Daly

He finshed off by saying “Being 8pts ahead at half time was a huge thing, a Leinster title is just amazing.”

More to follow

Match commentary below

5:29pm Galway heads have dropped and Dublin go 11pts ahead.

5:27pm Looks to be all over, 9pts between the team with two minutes to play. Paul Ryan with a score and makes it 2-06 on the day.

5:26pm Lambert gets another point for Dublin.

5:25pm Seven points between the sides with five minutes to play.

5:21pm Jonathan Glynn gets a point, should have been a goal.(63min)

5:20pm Conal Keaney with a Dublin point.

5:19pm Ten minutes to play and Dublin lead by 6pts.

5:14pm Joe Canning point from a free leaves Dublin six points ahead.

5:12 Its a second GOAL by Galway, this time a great GOAL by David Burke.

5:08pm Joe Canning gets a much needed GOAL for Galway.

5:05pm O’Callaghan puts Dublin 12pts ahead.

5:03pm Two great saves by Gary McGuire in the Dublin goal.

5:00pm Another great GOAL by Paul Ryan, Dublin by 11pts.

4:58pm Paul Ryan hits two points in a row for Dublin.

4:56pm Joe Canning hits over another stunning point from play.

4:55pm Joe Cannings hits a difficult free over the bar.

4:53pm Second half underway.

4:37pm Dublin lead Galway by 8pts at half time.

4:35pm Its a poor miss for Dublin from Paul Ryan, injury time in the first half and Dublin lead by 8pts.

4:33pm Another free for Galway by Joe Canning, Hawk says its wide after the umpires said it was over.

4:32pm Joe Canning point from a free, Dublin lead by 8pts

4:30pm Joe Canning gets a point from play.

4:28pm Shocking play by Galway, they hit their 8th wide.

4:25pm Ryan O’Dwyer hits his 2nd point, Dublin by 9pts.

4:24pm Paul Ryan gets a GOAL for Dublin, they lead by 8pts.

4:21pm James Regan is off and Andy Smith is on for Galway.

4:20pm Much needed point by James Regan for Galway.

4:20pm Its all Dublin and they lead by 5pts.

4:18pm Its five points in a row for Dublin, Joey Boland point.

4:17pm Colm Keaney scores his first point of play for Dublin.

4:17pm Paul Ryan gets his 3rd free, Dublin lead by 2pts.

4:15pm Galway hit their 5th wide.

4:14pm Ryan O’Dwyer gets a point for Dublin.

4:11pm Outstanding point from play by Joe Canning.

4:10pm Nearly a goal for Dublin, but O’Callaghans pull goes over the bar.

4:09pm Paul Ryan puts Dublin level.

4:07pm Nice point from Iarla Tannion for Galway.

4:06pm Free in front of the post for Paul Ryan, he goes for a goal but its saved.

4:04pm Conor Cooney levels it up with a nice point from play for Galway.

4:02pm Dotsie O’Callaghan puts Dublin in front.

4:01pm Dublin win an easy free and Paul Ryan makes no mistakes and the sides are level.

4:00pm Early free for Galway and Joe Canning hits it over.

3:55pm Teams out on the pitch for the Leinster Final.


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