GAA Review of Funding not needed at present says Horan

GAA President John Horan has said that the GAA is taking measures to address it’s funding and said that it is moving progressively.

However, I would have to question this. For example, Dublin have received over 18 million euro in-game developments grants since 2007. In second Cork have just received 1.4 million in that same period. Cork have nearly double the GAA clubs in Dublin as well which doesn’t make sense.  Where is the fairness in that? When you look into it further, for example, counties like Monaghan, Leitrim, and Longford only received 39,000 in games development funding, Dublin received over 1.46 funding. How can the smaller teams challenge Dublin going on this?

Speaking on Morning Ireland on Monday following the Round 3 qualifier draw, John Horan said, “As Tom Ryan alluded to, the gap between the funding going to Dublin and the other counties in Leinster is closing,” Personally, I would question this. How is the gap in funding closing? It is certainly not closing. Looking at Leinster alone, they have won 9 Leinster titles in a row, 14 out of 15 of the last Leinster titles, 5 of the last 7 Leinster club titles, one defeat in Leinster in 14 years. These records will all extend in the years to come as Dublin will keep getting the money, while teams like Wicklow, Louth and Longford get relatively nothing in funding.

Horan continued that the growing population in Dublin means there is a need for more coaches. However, he said that more money is going into counties outside Dublin, more money may be going in but it’s not equal. It should be spread equally all 32 counties, plus New York and Leitrim.

He continued speaking to RTE Sport said

One other factor in all of this is local councils outside of Dublin actually provide funding for coaching structures which Dublin don’t benefit from.”Just because it doesn’t come into the equation of the GAA figures, it is not accounted for. Most of the counties within Leinster are getting funding from the local councils towards a coaching project.


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