GAA to be played during Spanish La Liga match

Half-time exhibition games at GAA matches are well known here in Ireland but when next Monday’s La Liga tie between Sevilla FC and Granada pauses for the interval, the crowd will be entertained by local Gaelic football club Eire Og Sevilla.

The opportunity to showcase the Irish game in Spain comes by way of a marketing plan undertaken by Sevilla FC, which sees them dedicate each home match to a different country in an attempt to persuade foreigners to become members of the club.

This Monday night is Irish night, and along with the exhibition game, many of our other customs will be performed for the crowd.

The Irish ambassador is attending the match to  make a speech before kick-off, and a native Irish speaker will have an input during the game to accentuate the Irish atmosphere around the ground.

An Irish group will play traditional music before the game and also at half-time ahead of the Eire Og Sevilla players taking to the field and showing their skills.

Any Irish national will be granted admission into the stadium for the knockdown price of€5 on the night and those who will not be able to make it to the match can catch the exhibition match live on Marca TV.

The match shows the international reach that the GAA now possesses. In the province of Andalucía there are three football clubs, Eire Og Sevilla, Costa Gaels and Gibraltar Gaels, who are part of a group of nine teams that exist across Spain.


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