Hawk-Eye All-Ireland Final decision was correct

The company behind Hawk-Eye on Tuesday said that it can tell when the ball has crossed over the line or not. This comes on the back of a Kilkenny point in last weekends All-Ireland Final when John Donnelly raised the white flag. However, Brian Hogan said that the sliothar didn’t go over the bar or behind the crossbar in this case.

It isn’t the first time though the same goalkeeper has been involved with this. In the All-Ireland semi-final against Wexford, the exact same thing happened. However, in this case, Tipperary went down the other end to score a goal, only for it to be called back and cancelled, thus allowing Hawk-Eye to come in and award Wexford a point. Speaking to RTE a representative from the company said to RTE Sport “We can confirm that the Hawk-Eye system installed at Croke Park can determine if the ball crosses the line”. He continued The system only gives a point when the ball has crossed the plane of the goal and in between the goalposts. ”

There hasn’t been much controversy surrounding hawk-eye though since 2013 in the All-Ireland minor hurling final. In that case, it was down to an error regarding the wrong dimension were put into Hawk-Eye’s system, RTE Sport say that dimensions of a football instead of a sliothar were used. I personally believe it has been great for the game, however, it should be used in all inter-county grounds where big championship games are taking place. However, the GAA have said that this is not plausible.

Hawk-Eye is good though when it works because it helps everyone out including the umpires and referee who instead of guessing if it is a point or not when they are not sure they can use the system to determine whether it was a score or not. It adds to the drama of games as well though, just like that John O’Dwyer free a couple of years back against Kilkenny. Alan Milton the GAA’s Director of Communications has also said it works and has been quite good, It has been very reliable for us so far. We carefully monitor the system and if any county has any concerns they can feed those back to us either through our Games Department or Central Council,”.

One thing is for sure Hawk-Eye is certainly here to stay.


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