Hogan opens up about All-Ireland Final red card

Richie Hogan has questioned the red card that he picked up against Tipperary in last Sunday’s All-Ireland Hurling Final at Croke Park. The former hurler of the year 2014 was sent off on a straight red card on 33 minutes in an incident which appeared to show him make contact with the face of Tipperary corner back Cathal Barrett.

The decision to dismiss Hogan took a couple of minutes with Wexford referee James Owens consulting his linesman Johnny Murphy twice, as well as going to check on the well-being of Barrett, before dishing out the red card to the Danesfort club man. Hogan speaking to Off the Ball said the referee made the wrong decision. He said, “I watched it back there this morning, I stayed away from it earlier on, but I was going in for a shoulder on Cathal Barrett and he stepped inside and my momentum kind of took me through.” The 7 time All-Ireland winner continued and said “In my opinion, there was absolutely no way it was a sending off. But that’s the way these things go. Hogan himself said that the incident was portrayed very bad, he said: “Attacking something with your elbow, that’s a dirty challenge and that’s not in my game.”

Hogan, however, didn’t put any blame on the referee or Barrett and said it was a difficult game to referee. He also commented on some pundits saying his arm was down by his side in which he said hurling is not Irish Dancing, “They spoke about your arm not being down by your side. “This is not Irish dancing, the four-time all-star said.  “We have hurleys in our hands – how do we hold a 36-inch hurley without bending your arm?”

Besides that Hogan heaped the praise on Tipperary and congratulated  Tipperary on the win which shows the mark of the man. He said to the Off the Ball show on Newstalk, “I don’t want the All-Ireland final to be ruined by controversy over a particular incident. I mean, I will never speak about it again.“We’ll just get up and get on with it, and wish Tipperary well. The next week and a couple of months should be about Tipperary.”

Hogan has been suffering from back injuries for the last year or two and revealed that he picked up a medial ligament injury in the semi-final victory over Munster Champions Limerick. He also revealed he didn’t train in the lead up to the final and that he can’t train now unless a physio assists him. The 31-year-old is a fantastic hurler and we hope to see him in the black and amber in 2020. However, with all the injuries he has sustained you just never know.


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