Learn about the Most Popular Sports played by Irish Women

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Lots of women in Ireland possess an athletic nature. They are always encouraged to participate in both traditional and international games and prove themselves in front of the world.

If you’re looking for a sporty Irish woman, online matrimony sites such as Kapu Matrimony and Vanniyar Matrimony are always there to help you out! Gaining some basic knowledge about the sports these sporty women are interested in will help you get the conversation going. Here are the most popular sports that Irish women enjoy. 

Gaelic Football

Irish women love the national game of Gaelic football. Ireland also has a team of female Gaelic footballers that has gained international recognition!


As in every other Country, playing football is always in the top three sports, its popularity does dwindle after the age of sixteen but it very popular underage.


Camogie is a slightly different version of hurling, a traditional sport of Ireland. Irish women all around the world love playing this action-filled sport. Its a loved Sport played by Irish Women


Volleyball is a popular sport worldwide, and Ireland is no different. Women in Ireland also love to play volleyball. Irish women have formed competent volleyball teams that participate in nationwide matches!



Irish women have broken stereotypes in boxing and have proved that females can play this sport just as well as men. Some of the best female Irish boxers are Katie Taylor, Elaine Greenan, and Lynn Harvey.



Golf is also pretty popular among Irish women. The world of golf has seen some of the best female players from Ireland. Women of this country take golfing quite seriously and are some of the most professional golfers.



Irish women are also under the spell of this fantastic sport. The Irish female cricket team has some fantastic female players, such as Kim Garth and Cara Murray.



Irish women have proved their competence and talent in this sport, as well. They have shown excellent skills in horse-riding and sportsmanship and have gained worldwide recognition!



Irish women also enjoy participating in swimming and water sports. They have taken part in swimming competitions at national and international levels, including the Olympics.



Basketball is popular throughout Ireland. Young women take plenty of interest in basketball and keep polishing their skills until they gain international acknowledgment. Irish people have always felt proud of producing some of the most skillful female basketball players.



The famous white sport is extremely popular in the emerald isle of Ireland. Female tennis stars such as Claire Curran, Georgia Drummy, and Lena Rice have made tennis immensely popular amongst Irish women. Coaches in middle schools, high schools, and colleges provide expert guidance and training to enthusiastic young women and help them polish their skills, and develop their technique until they’re shining on the national and even international platforms.

Irish women are incredibly talented in several sports. If you’ve ever been to Ireland, you’ll be surprised to see that these women are super professional about the sports they love. Starting from a young age, the Irish people train their female population to engage in sports activities actively and gain worldwide fame for themselves and their country!


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