Leinster Hurling Championship could be set for 6 teams from 2021

Sky Sports GAA have reported that the Leinster Hurling championship could be expanded to 6 teams in 2021.

Leinster GAA Chairman said that GAA officials are looking at the potential to expand the round robin group to six teams. He said “We have a Leinster Council meeting next week and we will discuss it at that. He continued “This hasn’t come up today or yesterday. I even mentioned at looking at having two groups of four at one stage because we were looking at Carlow, Laois, Offaly and Westmeath, we felt they had closed the gap to a level that allowed us to look at that option”.

I am certainly conscious of the impact of yo-yoing for one team and with all due respect, maybe Laois could stay up there next year. But look at what happened at Offaly already, after coming down last year and Carlow are this year’s Offaly, at present. What Carlow would have learned this year may be lost by going back to the McDonagh. He noted if Carlow were to go back to the McDonagh it may not benefit them. He said “So, to ensure teams are able to sustain what they have learned by going up to the top level, the pace of the game and the skills they would have honed, it may not be beneficial for them to go straight back down. It is easier to sustain that level against stiffer opposition, with all due respect to the McDonagh group.”

He did however state if the format was agreed on it would not be in place until 2021. The reasoning for this was because it would have to GAA Congress to be passed. It would be great to see another team in Leinster battling it out in my opinion and to be given a chance to improve and play the so-called bigger teams.


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