Liam Dunne Defends Dummy Team Decision

Wexford hurling boss Liam Dunne has defended his decision to name a dummy team for Saturday’s draw with Dublin.

Dunne made six changes to the team he initially named, but said: “I’m managing the team, I’ll do whatever I like. I wore the Maor Foirne bib last year and sure I was going to be put in the stand, I was going to be fined, I was going to be suspended – it wouldn’t have been my first time being suspended.

“If I feel like doing it that way, I’ll do it. I don’t think there was anyone out there this evening that didn’t have a jersey on him or that someone didn’t know who they were. I had Paul Morris picked at corner-forward, he rings me this morning telling me he can’t play though we did bring him on as a sub. He was sick for two days but Jack (Guiney) came in and took his chance. It’s a joke.

“You’re asked to name a team on the Tuesday night and if you don’t, you’re going to be fined. And then the Dublin team is not given in – there was all hell breaking loose. There was a blank page going to be put in the programme because it was so late coming it.”

Dunne was also unhappy the replay is at Parnell Park, feeling it should be played in Croke Park where Wexford haven’t played since 2007:

“They shouldn’t be bringing a game like this to Parnell Park. They’re on about wanting to promote hurling and look after the so-called weaker teams and the second tier teams but I think really they don’t give a shit.

“This is our main pitch down here in Wexford. I wonder what would have happened if we had brought it to Belfield? I think we deserve to be in Croke Park if it’s a replay. If the Dublin footballers drew with Wexford down here tomorrow in the Leinster football championship, it [the replay] would be in Croke Park.

“The powers-that-be make the rules, we’ll abide by the rules, I’m only making the point. Treat the Dublin hurlers with the same respect as the Dublin footballers and treat the Wexford hurlers with a little bit more respect as well.

“They bring league games involving Dublin to Croke Park, this is the Leinster championship. I know the Leinster championship is taken with a pinch of salt, it’s all about Munster, just that Kilkenny is in Leinster. We can’t help that, they’re the big boys. I just feel it should be there.”


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