Limerick GAA look for replay with Galway after Hawkeye fiasco


The GAA faces an interesting but highly embarrassing 48 hours as a result of the failure of the Hawk Eye detection system during Sunday’s Minor semi-final and the subsequent admission by Hawk Eye that the failure was due to the Hill 16 end settings being set for
Football rather than Hurling.

An early Barry Nash point was incorrectly signalled as a wide but had that score stood (and it had originally been signalled as a point by one umpire) then Limerick would have won the game, which eventually they lost 0-23 to 0-20 after extra time.

Following an Emergency meeting , Limerick County Board issued a brief statement on Monday night confirming they would be lodging an appeal following the defeat by Galway in Croke Park.

The Limerick statement from Secretary Eamon O’Faolain said:

“I wish to release a brief statement from Limerick CLG.

Luimneach CLG can confirm that we will be lodging an appeal with the CCCC based on the failure of the Hawk Eye Score Detection System during the All Ireland Minor Hurling Semi Final in Croke Park on Sunday August 18th.

In the interests of fairness to all involved we will be not be making any further comment until the full process has been determined”.

Earlier the Hawk Eye organisation had issued this statement including an apology :

“Hawk Eye is committed to maintaining its position as the premier score detection system in the world.

During the game between Limerick and Galway at Croke Park on Sunday last, conflicting readings were displayed by the Hawk Eye system.
This was due to an error in match day set up on the part of the Hawk Eye team.

All of the settings were adjusted to cater for hurling, bar one value for the Hill 16 end posts, which was set for football.
Steve Carter, the Managing Director of Hawk Eye Innovations, met with the representatives of the GAA at an urgent meeting this evening. He explained the cause of the malfunction and the operational steps being taken, under his personal supervision, by the Hawk Eye team to ensure there will be no repetition.

Sony Hawk Eye wishes to apologise to the GAA and its supporters and to reassure them that the system will be fully reliable for all future games.


  1. The issue of the “point” that “never was” had nothing what so ever to do with Galway. The Galway goalie ,the umpire and the Ref all acknowledged the “score” (no pun intended). What happened subsequently was an issue between the Hawk-eye system providers and the GAA authorities. Galway lead that match despite the addition of an extra minute over and above the indicated injury time allocation. Limerick were awarded a dubious free from which the earned a period of extra time. Galway won that period with three points to spare, end of story. For Limerick to go looking for a replay is akin to shooting the piano player ‘cos you don’t like the song. Brian Ryan was very gracious in his after match comments. This was a great game of hurling , hard tough but fair. those young lads deserve better. Leave it alone and move on.


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