Managers influence on the GAA is “an absolute disgrace”

Eugene McGee the 1982 All-Ireland-winning Offaly manager has told RTE Radio that removing the Handpass rule without giving it a chance was the wrong decision.

The GAA removed the three handpass maximum last Saturday after managers and the GPA criticised it saying it would stop goals being scored.

“I’m very depressed, I only watched I think three matches last year, I can’t watch this stuff, It’s the least skill in gaelic football that predominates in the sport now. That’s an important statement to make.” said McGee who was chair of the GAA review committee.

“The competitive personal contests that we used to have; jumping for the ball and all that sort of stuff, that’s gone. All the more difficult skills are removed and you’re left with handpassing.

“The managers have the GAA by the throat, it’s as simple as that. Did you see the thing in Tipperary where the manager wants to impose an embargo on players speaking? We saw that last week. The managers have absolutely complete control of every player in Ireland. It’s an absolute disgrace.”


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