Meath manager Andy McEntee threatens journalist after humiliating defeat

Meath manager Andy McEntee looks to be in hot water after he verbally threatened a Meath Chronicle journalist Jimmy Geoghegan after their shocking performance against Dublin on Sunday when they only scored 4pts.

In the post-match press conference Geoghegan asked McEntee would he releasing players to line out in the county hurling championships this weekend. “Are you f**king mad? What sort of f**king question is that to ask me?”

This was not enough for McEntee, so after Geoghegan had talked to Ben Brennan and Graham Reilly on the way to team bus, McEntee confronted the reporter for the second time ending the interviews. he shouted over at Geohegan

“I’ll take the f**king head off you if I see you near the f**king dressing room again,”

“I couldn’t believe it was happening. I could understand him being annoyed about the question but it was a valid question as the issue of releasing players has come up not just this year but in previous years,” said Geoghegan. “But it was the second confrontation that really shocked me. He accused me of asking him a ‘leading question’ but it was never meant to be that.”

The abuse was recorded on tape, Meath Chronicle sent an email to both Meath PRO Ciaran Flynn and Secretary Mairead Delaney.

The response from Meath county board is so bizarre it’s beyond words. It basically avoided the incident and started talking about the initial question.

“Coiste na Mí are aware of an incident involving the Meath Senior Football Manager and a reporter from the Meath Chronicle.

“Our policy on the question asked by your reporter is, as always, in line with T.O 6.22 and our own Rialachain regarding same.

“All our Squad Managers and CCC Coiste na Mí respect that rule and indeed that fact is included in the Charter agreed with all Managers and GPA Representatives at the start of every year.

“On cross codes in the GAA individual players are encouraged to make their own decisions and “hearsay” talk of things being different is just that.

“Coiste na Mí will investigate internally the alleged comments. We trust that the Meath Chronicle will accept that in this delicate situation it is in both our interests to move forward and continue the excellent relationship with the Meath Chronicle that has remained for generations. We would hope to continue that relationship in a similar vein in the future.”

It’s been a humiliating week for Meath so if they have any respect they need to quickly get McEntee to apologise to Jimmy Geoghegan.


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