Mens and Ladies Gaelic Football: Is it time to merge?

Why are we so surprised? That in 2017 ladies teams are still trailing miles behind the men’s division. It’s an unfortunate reality but one that exists due to the long divide between the organisations which allows it to continue.

Every incident that occurs between men’s and ladies GAA comes back to the fact that they operate under separate guises. Ladies teams are currently controlled by the men of the GAA. Not because the ladies belong under the same association or that they miss out on sponsorship and freebies but because they’re not under the GAA’s remit – full stop.

Take MMA or boxing for example. How did these disciplines establish an equal platform for both genders? Because the male and female events run in conjunction with each other. To stop the lack of activity, growth, or development of Ladies GAA the organisation would need to follow the same routine.

As long as both county boards (male and female) stand independent, there’s always a danger that female players are going to miss out of things that they should be entitled to.

They own the pitches and the gym facilities. In order to use those facilities, you can be guaranteed that it is with the permission of the men’s team’s. So instead of forcing clubs to take care of their players (both male and female) they are relying on generosity, ethics and morals.

Why there are several different divisions within the GAA is a mystery yet to be solved. Maybe there are worries that if there is a merger,  female players would fall even further into the shadows of male players.


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